Kentucky Bluegrass – 10 sq ft.



10 square foot roll of 100% Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Roll is 2′ x 5′


Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season lawn grass that grows quickest in the Spring and Fall.

  • Beautiful looking grass
  • Comfortable for bare feet
  • Excellent Winter Hardiness – (Goes dormant during winter months but will green up again in the Spring)
  • Great for full sun areas
  • Underground stem growing pattern – (Helps recuperate quickly from damage)


Keep in mind it prefers full sun and doesn’t do as well in shaded areas. It also needs more water than Fescue during the hot Summer months due to its shallower roots.

If you are looking for a more shade tolerant and more drought resistant grass you may consider our Fescue Bluegrass Blend Sod

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Sod Roll 10 Square Feet (2'x5'each), Sod Pallet 500 Square Feet (50 rolls – 2'x5'each)


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