King Sod Policies


By placing an order you are agreeing to our Payment Policy, Delivery Policy, Pallet Policy, and Return Policy.

Payment Policy

King Sod requires payment from customer prior to delivery or upon pick up.

Landscapers with an account may be approved for Net 30 billing. 


Late Payments: Any unpaid bill past due by 30 days will incur a late fees.  

A 1.5% late fee will be assessed at 30 days and also every 30 days thereafter.

Delivery Policy

King Sod is not responsible for broken sidewalks, curbs or other property when delivery is requested on premises.

Pallet Policy

We collect a $20.00 pallet deposit, per pallet on all orders of 200 square feet or more. We collect the deposit when the purchase is made and will refund by company check after pallets have been returned. 

When returning pallets to our warehouse please follow the signs and leave pallets where indicated. Please text or message us your name and the number of pallets returned and we will issue a check and mail it to your invoice address. Thank you!

Return Policy

Sod is a live product and unfortunately once sod has been cut it can not be returned for a refund. We do however guarantee our products.

Christmas trees are live products that have been cut and are not intended to live forever, also not returnable.