How to prep and care for sod…

You've got questions... we've got answers!

Soil Prep...

How do I prepare the area I want to sod?

  • Till soil approximately 4 inches deep
  • Rake out rocks, existing grass, and weeds (if any)
  • Bring in 2-4 inches of topsoil (if needed) Rake it smooth.
  • Ensure the grade slopes away from the homes foundation. Final grade should be about an inch below any sidewalk or edging. Sprinkler heads should be set an inch above the final grade.

Watch this quick Sod Installation Video

How do I measure my yard?

To measure your yard… 

  • Take the length and multiply it by the width of the area you want to cover. 
  • If it is not a square or rectangular area, break it into smaller rectangular sections to measure. After you have multiplied the length by the width of each section, you can then add all the sections together.

Sod Installation...

When should I install?

It is important to have all your prep work done before your sod arrives so that you can immediately install it. 

  • We recommend laying the sod immediately for best results.

In the Spring and Fall you have about 24-48 hours to get the sod on the ground. 

However, the Summer months the sod should be laid down the same day of delivery or pick up.

How do I install sod?

  • Start in the furthest corner away so that you are not walking over the sod you just laid.
  • Lay the sod in a brick pattern and make sure the seams match up but are not overlapping.
  • Once the sod has been laid, water it heavily until the roots get wet. (This is important so that the sod does not dry out and so that the roots can start establishing into the soil.)

Sod Care and Maintenance...


When and how often should I water my sod?

  • Once the sod has been laid, water it heavily for the first two weeks. It needs to stay wet.
  • After two weeks of adequate watering the roots will begin to establish and penetrate the soil. 
  • Once the sod is established. the sod should be watered 2-3 times daily, weather dependent.


When and how often should I fertilize?

  • We recommend waiting about 2 weeks after laying the sod before fertilizing as it may have just been fertilized at the farm.
  • We recommend fertilizing your lawn 3-4 times a year.

Fertilizers we recommend: 

16-16-16 (Spring and Summer) 

21-0-21 (Fall)


How long should I wait before I mow?

  • We recommend waiting until the sod has fully rooted before mowing. Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks after it has been laid to fully root. Also, begin mowing with the mower blade set to a high setting to prevent the sod from being pulled up. 
  • An easy way to check to see if it has fully rooted is to pull up lightly on a corner and see if it comes up easily. If it comes up easily then we recommend waiting to mow.